Social activities

Annual SYM picnic

Every year in May or June, all employees and visitors at the center go on a picnic paid by the center. Children, spouses and partners are also welcome. The picnic usually takes place at Jesper Grodal and Nathalie Wahl's holiday home in Rågeleje, Northern Zealand. It is a tradition that after lunch we all go swimming in the ocean. The photo is from the picnic in 2011.

Welcome event

Every year in September and March all the junior employees at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, including technical administrative staff, is invited to participate in a welcome event for new employees at the department. This tradition started in September 2013 with fun and games at the university followed by dinner at Tivoli - a historical amusement park at the heart of Copenhagen. The event is self-organized and paid by the department.

The Cake Club

Every Thursday at 3 pm the PhD students and postdocs at the department meet to eat cake. The picture is of the cake brougth by postdoc Rune Johansen on October 31, 2013. Here is a link to the Cake Club's official website.

Restaurants of Copenhagen

The following is a map of Copenhagen with markers at restaurants that has been used at events organized by members of the center or other restaurants recommended by the center. The green dots indicate restaurants that are vegetarian or vegan friendly.

View Recommended restaurants near KU faculty of science in a larger map


"Matematikrevyen" is an annual revue held around the end of November or beginning of December performed by students at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. The revue takes place in the historical auditorim "Store UP1" at The Department of Computer Science and is shown two times on two consecutive days, usually on a Friday and a Saturday. Time and date will be announced well in advance on facebook and on posters, here is a link to their facebook site. Tickets will be sold in the main hall "Vandrehallen" at the H. C. Ørsted Institute a week in advance. In 2016 the tickets was sold at the price of 75 DKK which included access to the afterparty on Saturday. In 2011 "Matematikrevyen" ended with the following tribute to the the Banach-Tarski paradox:


Caféen? is an organization run by students at the Faculty of Science. It is a place where students and employees at the faculty can go and have a beer, a cup of coffe or play a game of foosball or any other of the wide variety of board games they have. During Friday nights Caféen? is especially well visited. Caféen? also host a number of special events during the year including live music, Christmas parties, BBQs, game nights and so on. Here is a link to Caféen?'s official website.


"ZFC" is the name of the math students' soccer team. During every Fall and Spring teams from different directions of study at the Faculty of Science compete in the "Caféen? Cup", a tournament sponsered by Caféen?. In Spring 2013, ZFC won the turnament with a victory over the arch rivals from math-econ.