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Courses and Theses

The center offers a range of courses of courses at the MSc and PhD level, which can be found below. We also run a number of reading seminars for PhD students and postdocs which are which you can find by clicking this link.

Courses at the centre

The following is a list of all courses held by employees (within the centre's mathematical areas) at the centre from September 2017 to June 2018. The titles link to course descriptions at the UCPH course catalogue.

Block 1
Algebraic Geometry (AlgGeo)
Algebraic Topology (AlgTop)
Categories and Topology (CatTop)
Topics in Operator Algebras (TopOp)

Block 2
Approximation Properties for Operator Algebra and Groups (Approx)
Functional Analysis (FunkAn)
Homological Algebra (HomAlg)
Noncommutative Geometry (NCG)
Topics in Algebraic Topology (TopTopics)
Topologi (Top) (BSc course)

Block 3
Algebraic Topology 1.5: Cohomology (AlgTop 1.5)
Introduction to Operator Algebras (IntroOpAlg)

Block 4
Algebraic Topolgy II (AlgTopII)
Introduction to K-Theory (K-Theory)

PhD, MSc, and BSc theses:

For inspiration we list every bachelor project (see also the 2016 bachelor catalogue), master project and master thesis written at the center.

On these pages we also list PhD theses. We have many PhD students and highly prioritize the PhD program. Look here for PhD stipends at the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation and general information about the PhD program in mathematics.

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