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Abbreviations - Research Groups and centres:
ALG Algebra and Number Theory GAMP Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics
IE Insurance and Economics MBIO Mathematics of reaction networks
NCG Non-Commutative Geometry QMATH Quantum Mathematics @ Copenhagen
SPT Statistics and Probability Theory SYM Centre for Symmetry and Deformation
TOP Topology

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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Aamand, Nanna HavnPhD student ALG, TOP, SYM +45 353-32217E-mail
Adiprasito, Karim AlexanderProfessor TOP, SYM +45 353-30527E-mail
Andersen, Kasper Klinkby SonneVisiting associate professor ALG  E-mail
Aumonier, Alexis Bertrand JacquesPhD student ALG, TOP, SYM +45 353-26070E-mail
Bauer, David MariusPhD student TOP, SYM +45 353-26809E-mail
Bergh, Daniel Sven TobiasPostdoc ALG, TOP +45 353-25353E-mail
Bernard, Calista KurtzResearch assistant TOP, SYM  E-mail
Borys, ClemensPhD student NCG, SYM +45 353-24867E-mail
Dor On, AdamPostdoc GAMP, SYM, NCG +45 353-24245E-mail
Duan, ZhipengPhD student TOP, SYM +45 353-31190E-mail
Eilers, SørenProfessor NCG, SYM +45 353-20755E-mail
Eilsøe-Madsen, StigStudent assistant   E-mail
Elliott, George ArthurAffiliate Professor NCG, SYM +45 353-20723E-mail
Frei, AlexanderPhD fellow   E-mail
Galatius, SørenProfessor TOP, SYM +45 353-30581E-mail
Gritschacher, Simon PhilippPostdoc ALG, TOP, SYM +45 353-24890E-mail
Grodal, JesperDirector of centre, professor TOP, ALG, SYM +45 353-20686E-mail
Gunton, Cody LPostdoc ALG, SYM +45 353-26081E-mail
Hansen, Lone HolmAcademic Officer  +45 353-32075E-mail
Hesselholt, LarsProfessor ALG, TOP +45 51 31 99 71E-mail
Hunt, JoshPhD student  +45 353-37904E-mail
Iwasa, RyomeiPostdoc ALG, TOP,SYM +45 353-33952E-mail
Jansen, Mikala ØrsnesPhD student TOP, ALG, SYM +45 353-37310E-mail
Lahtinen, AnssiAssistant professor TOP, SYM  E-mail
Land, MarkusGuest researcher TOP, SYM  E-mail
Leip, MaltePhD student ALG, TOP, SYM +45 353-24887E-mail
Madsen, Ib HenningEmeritus TOP, SYM +45 353-20682E-mail
Martos Prieto, RubenPostdoc NCG, SYM +45 353-32284E-mail
Milhøj, Henning OlaiPhD student SYM, NCG  E-mail
Mukherjee, DevarshiPhD student SYM, NCG  E-mail
Munoz, Alexandra BrookePostdoc  +45 353-33994E-mail
Musat, Magdalena ElenaAssociate professor NCG, SPT, SYM +45 353-20745E-mail
Møller, Jesper MichaelProfessor TOP, SYM +45 353-20691E-mail
Nariman, SamPostdoc ALG,TOP,SYM  E-mail
Nest, RyszardProfessor NCG, GAMP, SYM +45 23 26 96 07E-mail
Oliver, Robert AlanVisiting associate professor TOP, SYM  E-mail
Pedersen, Erik KjærProfessor emeritus TOP, SYM +45 287-50727E-mail
Poliakova, DariaPhD student SYM, TOP +45 353-24824E-mail
Pstragowski, Piotr TadeuszPostdoc ALG, TOP, SYM +45 353-28262E-mail
Rørdam, MikaelDeputy head of department, professor NCG, SYM +45 51 36 30 32E-mail
Schmitt, PhilippPhD student NCG, ALG, SYM +45 353-36858E-mail
Sroka, RobinPhD student   E-mail
Tan, Kaif Muhammad BorhanPhD student ALG, TOP, SYM +45 353-35455E-mail
van der Meer, Jeroen WouterPhD fellow  +45 353-21065E-mail
Villarreal Herrera, BernardoPostdoc TOP, SYM  E-mail
Wahl, NathalieProfessor TOP, SYM +45 353-21471E-mail
Wasserman, Thomas AntonPostdoc TOP, SYM +45 353-37755E-mail