6 July 2012

New postdoc: Rune Johansen

Rune Johansen is hired as postdoc from June 1 in a 2-year position at the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation.  He completed his PhD at University of Copenhagen in June 2011.

By June 1, Rune Johansen is therefore no longer part of the department administration.

Rune Johansen's primary research areas are operator algebras and symbolic dynamics. Rune Johansen is associated with the project Experimental Mathematics in Number Theory, Operator Algebras, and Topology.  He uses Magma to study the structure of various groups of automorphisms of graph algebras, and to study isomorphisms of Leavitt path algebras.  He also studies renewal systems, and is working on the LEGO coloring problem.

Rune Johansen's office if 04.2.14.